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Rat and Mouse Control in Rancho Cucamonga

Rats and mice are continually on the hunt for food and water. Wherever they can find a good supply of each will make them want to stay. If a rat or mouse finds that your Rancho Cucamonga house has plenty of easily accessed food and water, it won’t be long before you have a serious rodent problem on your hands. If you are discovering signs of rodents in your home on a daily basis, it may be time to call a trusted rodent control service to get rid of the rodents quickly. The longer mice and rats live in your home, the more damage they can cause to your wires, furniture, sheets and blankets, and any other material they think will work well for their nests.

What attracts rodents into my home?

While readily available food and water are certainly the biggest magnets for mice and rats, there are a few other elements that make them want to live in  or around your home. If rodents infest areas around your home, they can still cause damage and will soon enter  if they get a chance.

 Finding a quiet, dry place to make a nest is definitely high on a rodent’s list of priorities. Rats and mice have multiple babies in a single litter and can quickly grow the rodent population to an infestation level in a short period of time. Places in and around your home that may make an ideal place for rodents to make their nests are:

  • Attic
  • Basement
  • Garage
  • Detached shortage shed
  • Compost pile
  • Wall cavities

Easy entry

Rodents will be drawn into your home if they find a means to get inside. You may be surprised how rodents can get through the smallest openings. If you have loose shingles, damage in your eaves or floor, cracks or separations around doors and windows, rats and mice will use these places to get into your home.

Because you have food in your pantry, food scraps in the trash, your pet’s food on the floor, or food out on your countertops, rodents will want to stay once they get inside.

How to keep rodents out

Keeping your home and yard clean is the best way to keep rodents from considering your home as a potential new nest site. A few ways to make sure rodents do not come around is to:

  • Keep home clean and tidy
  • Put all food away after meals
  • Trim hedges and trees that are near your house so rodents do not use them to gain access to the roof
  • Remove thick mulch, piles of leaves, and compost piles that are near the home
  • Regularly clean out attic or basement
  • Set up regular treatment by a pest control professional

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