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How to Get Rid of a Mouse Problem

December 11, 2023 Bug Baron Rodents
How to Get Rid of a Mouse Problem

Mice are small scavengers that scurry around your home looking for food. After they have climbed into your pantry or gathered crumbs under the table to fill their bellies, they will begin searching for a place to nest.  If you have a serious mouse problem, calling in a professional to rid your house of mice is the easiest and quickest way to eliminate these tiny rodents. But if you think you may only have a mouse or two, there are several ways to get rid of the mouse problem on your own.

Block entry points

Knowing how mice are getting into your home in the first place will allow you to cover or repair these entry points so new mice can’t come in and add to the problem. Places to check are:

  • Spaces or gaps around windows and doors
  • Spaces around plumbing
  • Areas of damage that allows access into the walls
  • Loose shingles
  • A garage door that is left partially opened for a pet
  • Pet door
  • Uncovered attic window or vent
  • Uncovered dryer vent

By hiring a handyman or making the repairs yourself, you can eliminate ways that mice are getting into your home.

Setting traps

For the mice that are already in your home, you can lay out a few traps in key areas to eradicate them from your property. If you have discovered mouse droppings next to or under the refrigerator or in the back corner of a closet, place snap traps or glue traps to catch the mouse.

Be sure to only place a mouse trap in an area that your children or pets will not easily access to avoid injury.

If you are successful at trapping a mouse, reset the trap and see if you can trap another mouse. Be sure to watch for any signs around your property that indicate you still have a mouse problem. If you are seeing increasing activity around your home of mice, it may be time to call in a professional mouse control service to completely eradicate the problem. A single female mouse can have as many as ten litters a year with around eight babies in each litter. The longer you wait to call an exterminator, the bigger the mouse population can get.

Call a professional

A professional mouse control service will thoroughly inspect your home for signs of mice and nesting sites, as well as any entry points that have yet to be repaired or covered. After the pest control technician finds where the mice are nesting, they will discuss with you the appropriate treatment plan to eliminate the mice and prevent them from coming back.

You can voice any specific concerns about the treatment or ask any questions you may have about the process.

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