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Bed Bug Prevention When Travelling

February 14, 2023 Bug Baron Bed Bug Control
Bed Bug Prevention When Travelling

If you are worried about bringing bed bugs home when you stay at a hotel and don’t have the time to do a thorough inspection, below are five simple things you can do at a minimum to help prevent bringing them home with you.

Simple steps for Bed Bug Prevention When Travelling:

  • Put your luggage in the bathtub before you start your inspection. Bed bugs are unable to climb smooth surfaces like tubs or windows.
  • Check the headboard. Bed bugs could be hiding in many different places, but 50% of the time you will find them on the headboard if there’s any infestation.
  • Don’t use the dressers. This increases the chances of bringing them home when you pack up.
  • Use bed bug interceptors around the legs of the bed. If there are bed bugs anywhere around the room, this prevents them from climbing the bed. Keep in mind, however, that bed bugs have the ability to climb walls to get to the ceiling and fall right on top of their target. As a result, the traps will not provide absolute protection, but they can help nonetheless.
  • Use a luggage encasement. A luggage encasement can prevent them from making their way into your luggage. Make sure you inspect all your clothes before you put them back in your luggage. Even better, wash and dry all your cloths on high temperatures before packing up.

Following these steps can significantly help if you don’t have the time to do a thorough inspection yourself at every hotel you visit.