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Ant Control Experts in Upland, CA

June 05, 2023 Bug Baron Ants
Ant Control Experts in Upland, CA

Ants do not belong in your home. While the tiniest crumb can entice an ant to wander inside, you may be surprised by how quickly more ants will suddenly show up in your kitchen. If you have several ant trails running along your baseboards or even across your wall, giving an ant control expert a call is definitely a good idea. For Upland residents, keeping ants out of your kitchen and pantry is crucial. Knowing what is drawing the ants inside is the best way to know how to keep them out.

What attracts ants?

Ants are always on the hunt for food. They tend to be more attracted to sugary substances more than other types of food, though they are also seen carrying off all types of morsels. Crumbs left on the floor after a meal or soda can with a few drops left inside will certainly get an ant’s attention.

Ants have an amazing sense of smell. If you throw away old fruit and don’t immediately take out the trash, ants will come inside looking for it and they may decide to stay if there’s enough food lying around.

Once ants find a suitable food source, they send out a pheromone trail so the rest of the ant colony can follow it right back into your home to the drop of honey, cracker crumbs, or spilled apple juice.

Pet food can also be a honing device for ants. If you have pet bowls on the floor of your kitchen or laundry room, the ants will have easy access to daily food. The water bowl as well may be drawing ants, especially in the heat of the summer.

How to repel ants

You can try spraying a few repellant ant sprays wherever you think the ants are coming inside. In addition to commercial ant sprays, you can spray white vinegar or essential oil solutions around your windows and door frames, and even on your kitchen surfaces to deter ants from coming inside.

But if you have an ant infestation, calling the ant control experts will make sure that every last ant is eliminated from your Upland home.

Call in for back-up

For the best ant control experts in Upland, CA, give Bug Baron Exterminator a call today. Our technicians will apply a family and pet friendly treatment inside your home to totally eradicate the ant infestation. After the house is clear of these pests, our highly trained technicians will head outside to inspect the perimeter of your home for any ant mounds that could be the source of your infestation. With a double punch of ant control from a professional combined with your efforts to keep your home tidy, ants will not be strolling back into your home any time soon.